Update on the construction projects.

The first four block stretch of utility work on Summit St. SE, from 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue, has been completed. The edge drain has been installed and the gravel base has been put down. The next phase will be concrete work with curb and gutter being poured.

Once crews finished utility work on Summit St. SE they moved to 2nd Avenue SE, starting utility work from Southdale to Brackenridge, along with work on Remmele. As of Friday, May 15, the watermain was all installed and pressure tests have begun. The remainder of the sanitary sewer work should be completed this week, and crews should begin work to hook up services to individual properties.

There has also been a crew working on 3rd Avenue NE and Oak St., up by the water tower, doing some work on the water main. This work was done early in the season because the water tower had to be drained and taken out of service during this portion of the project, and we wanted to get this done before our higher water usage season begins.

As for the 12th Avenue NE project, crews finished installing the storm sewer main that runs from the holding pond out to the county tile that it drains into. They have also stripped some of the topsoil on the east half of what will be 12th Avenue. Next week crews will be clearing and grubbing trees along the railroad, and some trees along the north side of St. Mary’s Street. Utility crews are scheduled to start boring under the railroad on Monday, June 1.

Re-opening facilities.

Opening of park restrooms, camping, swimming pool and city hall are just a few things that we are working on at this time. We hope to have an answer on some of these in the next couple weeks. There was a League of Minnesota Cities webinar last week that some of us listened in on. There are a number of things that we, as a city, need to consider before we open the doors on some of these facilities. Our goal is to get these facilities opened up safely, so that we can have somewhat of a “normal” summer.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at 794-4371.