Report on May 13 school board meeting.

The District 84 Board of Education held their May 13 meeting electronically and it was live-streamed on the school’s Facebook page.

Always first on the agenda is Good News Items. Board member Joleen Dittbenner thanked the school staff for work they’ve done during distance learning.

High School Principal Shane Laffen reported that seniors will get a voucher for airfair from their canceled senior trip. He said awards will be announced at graduation — a drive through ceremony on the parking lot, Friday, June 5, at 6:30 p.m. With guidance from MDE and teachers, Laffen recommended the following grading scale, due to distance learning, for grades 7 - 12: A - 85-100%; B - 75-84.9%; C - 65-74.9%; D - 50-64.9%; No Credit for less than 50%. Laffen reported Prom, tentatively scheduled for June 25, has not yet been canceled and that each senior would receive a Dairy Queen cake from an anonymous donor.

Superintendent John Cselovszki reported the child care program would end on the last day of school, May 15. He said free summer lunch would continue with several spots around town where the meals can be picked up, in addition to at the school.

Kaden Strong and Tasha Martinez made a presentation to the board on plans for a 2021 Senior trip to Orlando, Fla. They said the cost may be higher because they plan to purchase trip insurance.

The board approved the following action items:

•2021 Senior trip.

•Hiring the following staff for the 2020-2021 school year: Zach Kelly as physical education teacher at $41,488; Clara Wieser, kindergarten teacher at $40,488; Ann Christensen as St. Mary’s High School Counselor .45FTE at $18,219.60 (Tier 1 contract).

•Resignation of Danielle Burley, Elementary Instructor effective end of 2019-2020 school year; Karri Hoffmann as C-squad volleyball coach; Kevin Schneider as Concession Stand Coordinator effective immediately.

•Coaching compensation MOU between Sleepy Eye Public School and SEEA: spring head coaches to be paid 65% of stipend and all assistants 35%.

•Letter of Agreement Providing Additional Compensation for Certain Essential School Employees During Peacetime Emergency with the MSEA: $1 per hour hazard pay for employees exposed (who report every day.)

•Accept donations: $400 by Leon and Ann Steffl toward senior class billboard; $100 to the softball program

•Approve the adjusted 7-12 adjusted grading scale due to Distance Learning.

The next meeting is Wednesday June 10, at 5:30 p.m., location to be determined.