Blake Steffensmeier and Brittney Dittbenner are Lions Club Students of the Month.

St. Mary’s High School senior, Blake Steffensmeier, has enjoyed playing football and basketball for the Knights ever since seventh grade. He says his life is all about basketball and work! Blake has spent past summers doing a variety of chores for farmers and spends most of his other time shooting hoops.

Blake said he expects the values and strengths he’s developed during high school to help him succeed in life.

Blake said his dad has been most influential in his life: “He has taught me so much and has pushed me to do my best.”

More about Blake  Parents: Jamey and Beth Steffensmeier

Plans following graduation: Blake plans to attend South Central College for


Hobbies: Blake’s hobbies are basketball and work.

Sleepy Eye High School senior Brittney Dittbenner keeps busy with sports, school and church activities. She enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, participated in school one-act and three-act plays and musicals, and belonged to the YES! Team. Brittney sings in her church choir, teaches Sunday School, helps with the weekend backpack program, and volunteers at Food for Kidz. Brittney said her values will help her succeed because they will remind her to stay true to who she is and remain humble. She also said she is a people person who is good at meeting new people and making connections. Brittney said the greatest influence in her life was he grandma. “She taught me to always work hard, even if I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. She also reminded me to follow my heart. I miss her all the time and wish I had more time to learn life lessons from her.”

More about Brittney  Parents: Craig and Joleen Dittbenner

Plans following graduation: Brittney plans to attend NDSC - Chiropractic Program.

Hobbies: Brittney likes listening to music and working with cows, turkeys, and pigs.