I miss popping in to the grocery store to pick up just one or two items!

Just when will our local seniors get to have their graduation ceremonies? You don’t know? Well, guess what - no one else knows either.

The school administrators might be tired of my emails asking if a plan has been decided on. The special graduation section, that features area seniors with their pictures and future plans, will be in the Reminder this week. It usually includes the details of area graduation ceremonies. But as we all realize, this year is nothing near usual.

Let’s just say graduation plans are pending everywhere. School administrators are waiting to hear from the Minnesota Department of Education; they are considering the wishes of the students and their parents; they want to honor the students in as big a way as possible, while also keeping everyone safe. It’s a hard pull.

Thank you to our teachers and principals for all you are doing to educate the kids and recognize their accomplishments!

(Oh, that reminds me, I need the schools’ lists of awards and scholarships! I’ll send another email tomorrow.)

We know the kids are missing their friends, activities, and even their teachers and classes. But, what do we “grown-ups” miss?

I miss my grandchildren . . . and their parents.

I miss my co-workers. We are all working from home and do have Google meetings a couple times a week. But, that is not the same. My home office is great, but the cat is asleep most of the time, so I don’t have anyone to talk to.

I miss track meets. I’ve been covering track the last few years, and I miss it. (And I miss watching my grandkids in a couple track meets each spring.)

I also miss people in general. I like to talk. I like to learn more about people. My one trip a week to the grocery store just doesn’t give me enough people.

As for the grocery store — I miss going to the grocery store for just a few items. Now I am just going without until a big “shop” is necessary.

What do you miss?