I hope everyone if safe and doing as well as they can during this time.

I hope everyone if safe and doing as well as they can during this time. I was planning on giving all the information I have regarding the Governors Order during this pandemic. I am guessing that many, like me, have heard so much it can get depressing, stressful and downright scary.

I will say that at least in our area Law Enforcement is still operating but trying to be aware of the situation when it comes to enforcement. We have arrested people and issued citations. We are trying to be understanding but there are still some things that require us to uphold the law.

My advice is use common sense; the Sleepy Eye Police Department will be understanding to a point. If you are driving drunk, if you are driving with a suspended or revoked license, if you commit domestic assault, if you need to be removed from a residence due to behaviors that put yourself or others in danger, we will have to do our job. This is not the whole list but just examples. Like always use good judgment.

We are worried, as Law Enforcement, about people forced to be together for long periods of time due to the stay at home order and releasing their stress through alcohol and drug use. This combination of isolation and chemical abuse will lead to issues and problems. Chemical abuse leads to most of the problems officers deal with during normal police work. Please find other outlets for stress; especially if you are stressed about the people in your residence, such as significant other, kids, roommates, etc. We need to take care of each other right now; not make the situation worse with negative actions and decisions.

I often tell people during calls the I can understand their frustration and stress, but I can’t relate to their specific situation. Well this time I can relate because we are all experiencing this together. Everyone has varying aspects of this situation happening, but I don’t believe anyone is not experiencing some piece of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please remember that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind right now. I tell my children this often when the situation is normal. When they judge other’s actions, I remind them that they don’t know the battle that person is dealing with. During this pandemic we need to keep this in mind. Whether it is financial, family stress, schooling from home, isolation, or working during this pandemic, everyone is affected.

Please do your part and stay safe both physically and mentally. Please abide by the Governor’s order and continue to practice social distancing. Hopefully with everyone doing what they can we can end this as soon as possible. There are hardships coming to this and every community. From everything I have seen Minnesota is doing better than the initial estimates because our response has been so effective. Together is how we come out of this as positive and strong as we can. We are in this together, please do your part so we can come out of this stronger.