Hear the bells ring the good news!

Sunday will be an Easter Day we will never forget. The joyous celebration will happen in hearts, but not in our churches. I know that many people are missing the true community that their church congregation provides.

We understand we can worship God even while alone, or with family, in our homes. But it is not what regular church-goers desire. Cancellation of worship services and Masses in their church is something most would never have imagined could happen.

But, here we are. Just as our young people turn to the internet to do school work, the faithful are turning to the internet or television to join with others in worship.

Just as we were finishing up each page Tuesday afternoon, I received an email from St. Mary’s Church asking to help spread the word that Sleepy Eye’s churches would join together in celebration on Easter morning! At 10:30 a.m., church bells will ring out around town. A joyous sound for a morning of good news.

I hope this brings a smile and a feeling of the closeness of community to all who are missing their church services. Easter will happen in our hearts and homes, even if we cannot be in our churches.

Another close community feeling was created Monday night when the schools turned on their football field lights — along with high schools around the state and nation. We all feel bad for the seniors who are finishing high school in a manner no one could imagine. We all feel bad for the high school athletes and musicians who are missing games, concerts and competitions. Those lighted fields are one small way to let the kids know we love them.

Take care (and stay home.)