From our Progress Edition #2

When I want to know what’s new or what’s happening, my go-to person is Christina Andres, Executive Director of the Sleepy Eye Area Chamber of Commerce. I checked in with her the other day, and she didn’t disappoint me.

So, what’s happening with the Chamber of Commerce? What are Andres and her board of directors up to?

“We are working to enhance Chamber programming and seeking input from the members on what their businesses need from the chamber,” Andres said. “We are considering a brief survey of the members to get more input.”

Always a good neighbor, Andres said she’s had conversations with the New Ulm Chamber about how the two organizations can cooperate on opportunities for their members.

For example: “We are working with a nationally known motivational and leadership speaker, for an evening presentation to be offered later this spring,” Andres said. “We want to work together on special offerings for our members.”

Andres said they are also working on ideas to create more business networking opportunities in Sleepy Eye.

And what about the big questions? What about Buttered Corn Days?

“Yes, we are having Corn Days this year,” said Andres. “It just might look a little different.”

Don’t worry, there will be corn, Andres said Seneca Foods said they will supply the corn. Whew! (Why is Seneca doing that? I don’t know why, I guess we’ll just have to accept the corn and wait to learn if there is more to know.)

The Chamber continues developing the Corn Days event and does coordinate with other complimentary events in the community.

When there are big events — like Corn Days and the 4th of July, or big attractions — like Holiday Lights in Motion, Andres said the Chamber is working on ideas to encourage downtown business people to enhance the community’s drawing power and exciting vibe.