Our goal is to keep people safe.

As Emergency Manager of this community I would like to reassure everyone we are doing everything within our power to keep abreast of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal is to keep people safe, as well as minimize the number of exposures in our community at any one given time, so as not to overwhelm the healthcare system.

We have excellent, experienced leadership in place for many of our community positions. Together we have had much dialogue and have been involved in many trainings and drills over the past several years.

I believe we have built a strong base which will assist us in making good decisions as we maneuver through this crisis.

We understand this will take a community effort to get through the next several months. Here are some ways you can help:

•If you need to call 911, if the patient is demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms including cough, fever, difficulty breathing, please inform the dispatcher.

•Call your healthcare provider BEFORE showing up at their facility so they can minimize exposure to staff and patients.

•Reach out to your neighbors, family and friends, especially those vulnerable and help in any way possible...groceries, supplies, errands, etc. (With the closing of schools our best community asset right now to assist with this task may be our youth.)

•Everyone, especially businesses and organizations, please keep up to date and follow the latest recommendations. Your best resource is the Center for Disease Control, Minnesota Department of Health and Brown County Public Health.

•If you are aware of someone in need, or you yourself need assistance, please reach out to us via my email: ambulance@sleepyeye-mn.com or call my office 507-794-3116, or in the event of an immediate need contact the police at 507-794-3711.

We will never know if we did too much to prepare, but we will definitely know if we did too little. I encourage due diligence.

One thing I know about this community is that we step up when there is a time of need. It will not be without sacrifice on everyone's part, but I am confident we will get through this trying time by working together.