New officer on the job.

The Sleepy Eye Police Department had transitioned into our new look this month. Shawn Bohnen was promoted to Investigator starting on March 9. This change was made in response to the increase in the types of crimes I have been seeing in the past 10 years and the hardship that properly investigating those crimes has caused the patrolmen of Sleepy Eye.

The internet has connected everyone and while that can be an amazing thing, it has truly connected everyone; this includes people that are committing illegal acts. No longer are our cases confined to Brown County. When I first started, I may have had to drive a little out of town to investigate something that happened in Sleepy Eye. Now there are no limits to where offenders are located.

Shawn will complete his BCA investigators certificate this summer; he has one class to finish. Shawn has been working towards this certificate for the last three years. He started with some of the base classes before it was decided that we would add an investigator. We knew that we needed someone to have a deeper understanding and knowledge base of investigating certain crimes for the good of Sleepy Eye. Shawn has filled that role in the past due to his natural ability in interview/interrogation and his attention to detail in his work. Shawn will now put those skills, and those learned from the BCA, to work as our first Investigator.

Replacing Shawn on the road is Michael Gordon. Mike has been a Police Officer for approximately four and a half years with the Springfield Police Department. Mike is the brother of Sleepy Eye Police Officer David Gordon. Mike graduated from Metropolitan State with a degree in Law Enforcement. Mike’s wife works at Sleepy Eye Public School as a teacher. Mike started last week with the department.

In speaking with Mike, I feel he has a good idea of what a Sleepy Eye Police Officer needs to be. I feel fortunate to get a quality officer with history of police work in a small town. Often, in police departments, getting the right personality for the area and the department goes a long way towards a successful career. I believe Mike will be a great fit here in Sleepy Eye.