In the past year, Richert has expanded his business J Richert Bats. Jevan produces many items outside of just baseball bats. He also engraves many items.

Jevan Richert has allowed his love of baseball form into a hobby of his. Richert makes his own baseball bats amongst other items out of his own garage.

Richert is a 2017 graduate of Springfield High School and currently plays amateur baseball in the Tomahawk East League for the neighboring Leavenworth Orioles. Richert spends his time working on the family farm as well as being an assistant coach to Sleepy Eye VFW’s baseball team with Brandon Streich and Matt Mielke.

In the past year, Richert has expanded his business J Richert Bats. Jevan produces many items outside of just baseball bats. He also engraves many items. Richert has recently grown into engraving many household items. You can search the campgrounds near Diamond Lake and see a few family signs that Richert had designed and developed with his engraver. In addition to lake signs, Richert has engraved pictures, toy chests, bean bag boards, tumblers, glasses, guestbooks, and wooden mugs.

The largest canvas size Richert’s machine allows to engrave is a 40-by-24.

Richert has also engraved various items for graduation parties and recent high school graduates. Richert has engraved names, the graduate year, and a team logo onto baseballs, softballs, and golf tees.

Richert’s business started out with a few trial and errors as he attempted to find the perfect model for his bats. Richert offers six separate models of bats for his customers. He also is able to make small, medium, or large barreled bats as well as fungoes.

Richert gets his wooden billets from the state of New York. Most of his bats are maple. Richert estimated about 90-percent of his bats are maple and the remainder are ash.

Every bat is produced with a CNC lathe to ensure the most accurate replication. This CNC process not only ensures that the models have replicated to the exact size but also the correct weight. After the lathe, sanding, and lacquering steps, bats are cupped to the desired weight. Most companies cup bats to the maximum allowable depth no matter what the weight of the bat is. Richert checks the weight of the bat throughout the process to get a perfect weight. The final step is to laser engrave the free customization on the bat. This customization is one line and limited to 25 characters on game bats. There are also options to add team logos onto the engraving.

Richert pushes his business that provides the highest quality bats for a lesser price than main competitors like Old Hickory, Marucci or Max Bat. The quality of wood is also something Richert relies on from New York. The wooden billets are hand split to provide the straightest grain. A straight grain is critical because when a piece of wood is cut perfectly parallel to the grain direction of the tree, it will have the highest strength.

Richert’s busy time of the year is nearing as March is typically the time bats are requested. If you would like to inquire about a project from Jevan, he offers his website or his e-mail at