I have a chip on my shoulder about something.

I have a chip on my shoulder about something. It’s because I am a member of “the media.”

Everytime something big is in the news, generally something that people have found some way to make controversial or political, you hear the comments: The media is blowing this up, or the media is creating this story, or (worse) the media has some agenda here.

Okay, maybe not those exact words, but something like that.

I’m kind of ticked off.

I’m “the media.” I don’t make up news stories. I do have opinions and would love to influence your opinion. That’s what this page is for — it’s an opinion page. The rest of the paper is news.

On television, the radio, and big national newspapers, it works the same way. News is reported and opinion is given as such.

For instance, if you like to watch Fox News, they have actual news reporters on at various times throughout the day. They also have “talking heads” or “pundits” who present their opinions and stir up listeners’ emotions.

Do some stories seem to be the first thing on every newscast for days on end? Yes. News stories are given placement based on what the news organizations thinks their listeners, watchers, readers, want to know more about.

The coverage of the coronovirus is not full of stories made up to get you worried.

Please listen to the health experts that are brought into all these news stories. They have professionals from the Center for Disease Control, or here in Minnesota from the Minnesota Department of Health, who give the facts as they learn them and as the spread of the disease continues.

If you want to understand what is going on, go to our public health agencies. If you want to spread weird stories, by all means, believe everything you see on the internet.

At the City Council meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Pelzel said city officials have a webinar, from the MN League of Cities, to help them respond to anything we might have to face locally.