Bill Ries said Edward Jones is a wonderful company to work for. 

Bill Ries said Edward Jones is a wonderful company to work for. He said their training program is great when people join the company, they ensure their financial advisors have immediate information on currents events that affect the markets — for instance, accurate information on the Coronavirus situation, and most importantly, Edward Jones takes care of their people.

“A few years ago when I was in treatment for cancer, Edward Jones kept my office open when I couldn’t be here,” said Ries. “They made sure every client received the attention they needed and made sure I could take care of my health.”

Looking very healthy, Ries sat down for an interview last week. While he was eager to tell how Edward Jones helps him do what is best for his customers, this reporter wanted to back up and get the beginning of the story.

Ries was a very good high school hockey player. He continued to play in college at St. Cloud State University, where his daughter Karlie currently plays. He went to college to earn a degree in education.

“I was going to teach physical education and health,” said Ries. “I was going to be a hockey coach!”

Well, he did achieve his hockey coaching goal, working as an assistant college coach. A highlight of that career was the year he worked alongside Herb Brooks, who was head coach at SCSU for one year. A picture of Ries and Brooks has a place of honor in Ries’ office.

“Eventually I had to make a decision about my career,” Ries said. “Julie (his wife) and I were pretty serious and it was time to move on to something new.”

In 1990, Ries began a career in sales, working in a variety of industries. He found sales to be a good fit, even a good match with his education as a teacher.

“What do you do in sales?” he asked. “You educate your customer so they can make a good decision. I did that in my sales jobs and I do that now with my clients.”

Ries had an aunt who worked for Edward Jones in New Ulm. “Every time I’d see her, she’d say ‘you’ve got to come to Jones.’ I didn’t know what ‘Jones’ was,” he laughed.

Eventually his aunt got her way. With Edward Jones Financial Advisor Steve Schreiber of New Ulm as his mentor, Ries joined the company in 2004 and established an office in Sleepy Eye.

Ries praised the training Edward Jones provided and the care they take for his customers. “Every transaction that I broker goes through Edward Jones’ compliance desk,” he said. “This offers another later of protection for the client and our image that we are doing what is best for the customer.”

Ries is not the only one who thinks Edward Jones is a good company to work for. Edward Jones financial advisors rated the firm “Highest in Employee Advisor Satisfaction among Financial Investment Firms, 10 times in a row,” according to the J.D. Power 2019 Financial Advisor Satisfaction Survey. Another 2019 J.D. Power study, ranked Edward Jones highest in investor satisfaction with full-service brokerage firms.

Ries said it’s nice to get to know his clients and learn their needs. He enjoys being able to provide personal attention to customers.

Sleepy Eye became home for the Ries family and a very good place to have his business. Ries said his business is good and the company is always looking for new advisors. He expects that he will be bringing someone on board with Edward Jones in Sleepy Eye at sometime in the future.

Bill’s wife Julie works for Mayo Health System. Their oldest daughter, Erika, works as a financial analyst in Minneapolis. Karlie is a sophomore at SCSU and intends to earn an MBA in finance and accounting. Bill said while his daughters might say he should have continued as a hockey coach, in reality he believes his career with Edward Jones had a definite effect on their own career choices.

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