I suppose you were hoping for news on our local football question....

I suppose you were hoping for news on our local football question — will Sleepy Eye High School and St. Mary’s High School form a co-op in football?

We were hoping for that too. Sorry, we have to wait at least another week. But there is action on the issue.

Last week we reported on St. Mary’s response to Public School’s proposal. The main sticking issue was what year a co-op should start. Public School requests 2021. St. Mary’s prefers 2023.

So, what has happened is Public School replied with a detailed explanation of the good reasons for a co-op, many related to player safety, and why they prefer 2021. They did offer a compromise of 2022, but indicated they really don’t think that is a good idea.

If you want to read that document it is posted on our Facebook page and on the School District’s website. It is too long to print in the newspaper.

St. Mary’s will discuss it at their E&C (kind of like a school board) meeting Tuesday night, March 10.

I don’t know about you, but we have our hopes on a decision that is favorable to both school communities and our entire Sleepy Eye community.

We also hope we will have that decision in time to include it in our March 12 newspaper.

Not as popular as football, but also an American pastime, is our national election. Things sure happened fast this week on the Democrats race for a presidential nominee. Even though you didn’t ask, I will share my opinion. (This is my opinion column, after all.)

I admire Senator Amy Klobuchar. I thought she would be a wonderful candidate, but also am not surprised she couldn’t continue. She certainly surpassed expectations and made a lot of sense to many people. I feel she did the right thing in endorsing Joe Biden.

I do not admire President Trump and hope he does not get re-elected. You already know that.

At this point, I believe Biden is the person who can defeat Trump. But, as for most people, my belief and my hope are firmly entwined. I have to wait, just like everyone else, to find out who our country will choose as a leader.