The Spirit in Motion competition dance team held their season end banquet on Feb. 20.

The Spirit in Motion competition dance team held their season end banquet on Feb. 20. Team members include Lexanna Lazatin, Brienna Barnes, and Presley Bauer of Sleepy Eye High School and Libby Tonn and Ashlyn Rosenau of Springfield High School. All five girls were awarded Letters from their schools. In addition, Lazatin and Tonn were named Academic All Conference.

Coach Lauren Hoffmann said when she looks at this season as a whole, it brings to mind this quote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

“We were made up of only five dancers this year, which is the minimum to have in order to compete,” Hoffmann said. “The girls did not let that stop them and they agreed to try something different for our kick routine, which ended up being a success.”

Hoffmann said the girls started the season strong, with increased scores compared to the end of last season. She said they watched their scores continue to improve and took two second place trophies at the New Ulm Cathedral mini meet.

“Due to a run of unfortunate events, the girls had to end their season early, which we knew could happen with only having the minimum number on the team,” Hoffmann said. “To me the season overall was a huge WIN. The girls did what many teams would not do, they did not give up, knowing they only had the bare minimum. They decided they weren't going to let the ‘what ifs’ drag them down and went out there and rocked it every time.”

Hoffmann said Spirit in Motion will be missing a big part of the team next year, without their graduating senior, Brie Barnes.

“Brie has been a huge part of the team for six years and a very important leader for majority of those years,” Hoffmann said. “Her passion and dedication has shone throughout the years and her leadership has been unstoppable. As a coach, I feel she was the glue holding the team together by being their for her teammates, while also being the voice of reason. Brie has been such an amazing role model on and off the floor.”

Looking forward to next year the team is hopeful they can continue to build the competitive dance program.