Attendance was a bit sparse at precinct caucuses in Sleepy Eye Tuesday night, Feb. 25.

Attendance was a bit sparse at precinct caucuses in Sleepy Eye Tuesday night, Feb. 25. At 7 p.m., when the caucuses were called to order, seven people were in attendance at the DFL caucus, held in the elementary library at Sleepy Eye Public School. Twenty-one people were at the Republican caucus held in the school cafeteria.

Letters from several candidates were read to those at the Republican caucus, including from U.S. Senate candidates Jason Lewis and Rob Barrett, who are running for the seat currently held by Senator Tina Smith; and Congressman Jim Hagedorn, along with state legislators Representative Paul Torkelson and Senator Gary Dahms.

The large group broke into precinct groups to propose and approve resolutions, which would move forward to the County Convention.

Delegates elected to represent their precincts at the 2020 Brown County Republican Convention, scheduled for Saturday, March 21 at the Brown County REA Building north of Sleepy Eye. These included some who were not in attendance but had agreed to accept.

Sleepy Eye Ward 1: Joleen Huiras, Bruce Kyllonen, Nathanael Mayhew, Brynia Mielke, Kaleb Walter. Sleepy Eye Ward 2: Charles Hoffman, Isaac Huiras, Marlys Lochner, JoAnn Lux, Wayne Pelzel, Matthew Sellner, Rachel Windschitl. Albin: Cali Rossbach. Home: Greg Bartz, Mary Bartz, Carol Wendland, Shirley Krienke (alternate). Leavenworth: David Feirer, Brian Mathiowetz. Prairieville: Isaac Johnson, Lee Johnson, and alternates Allen Schueler and Judy Schueler.

Participants at the DFL caucus represented Sleepy Eye’s Wards 1 and 2. They accepted 11 proposed resolutions to submit for consideration at the County Convention — Saturday, March 7 at the New Ulm Public Library. Sleepy Eye delegates are Pat and Michal Lowther, Jan Zilka, Kamakshi Murthy, and Lori Sellner.

Brown County DFL Committee Chair, Lori Sellner, told the group that the Senate District 16 DFL spring fundraiser will be the evening of March 21 at Jackpot Junction, with former U.S. Senator Al Franken as keynote speaker.