Caucuses over, presidential primary next Tuesday.

It’s been pretty political around the country, and the state. Have you noticed? With the race for a Democratic challenger to President Trump finally in the stage of voting, in states across the country, anyone who enjoys this political fray should be in seventh heaven.

Or, maybe you would rather tune it all out? It has been kind of contentious at times.

In Sleepy Eye we have our own chances to get involved and make a statement. Tuesday night the party caucuses were held in Sleepy Eye and all over Minnesota. In past years, the caucus was where a straw poll was taken to choose the top candidates for office — president, for example — in addition to adopting resolutions for the party platforms.

This year, Minnesota voters can cast a ballot for their preferred candidate in the presidential primary. Early voting has begun and voting in person is on Tuesday, March 3. The date was chosen to put Minnesota voters in with many other voters across the country on what is referred to as “Super Tuesday.”

When the dust clears, or all the votes are counted, on Tuesday night the Democrats’ candidate choice is expected to be considerable narrowed. It might even become clear who the eventual candidate will be.

There is a primary on the Republican side also. In Minnesota, President Trump is the only candidate on that ballot. He does have a couple of challengers, but they’ve had a tough time finding their way onto primary ballots.

Sleepy Eye voters will cast their ballots as they usually do — at the Sleepy Eye Community Center. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters may vote only on the Democrat ballot or Republican ballot.

Get involved in our country’s big decision. Vote.