One of the traditions of Catholic Schools Week at St. Mary’s School is the annual Science Fair.

One of the traditions of Catholic Schools Week at St. Mary’s School is the annual Science Fair judging and display during Family Night — Wednesday, Jan. 29 this year. Nine students participated in having their projects judged. Their science fair advisor, Patti Braulick, said they received very high compliments from the judges.

Following is a list of the students, and their project names, who all advanced to the Regional Science Fair which is on Saturday, Feb. 29.

7th Graders:

Wyatt Pollard, son of Julie and Jason Pollard; Does the Wavelength of Light Change While Burning Different Chemicals?

George Schwint, son of George and Deanna Schwint; Which Type of Glue Creates the Best Bond Between Two Pieces of Wood?

Maria Schwartz, daughter of Anita and Mark Schwartz; Analysis of the Frequency of Detection of PRRSV, Rotavirus, Parvovirus with Air Collection and Other Methods.

Lyndsey Sellner, daughter of Gary and Rebecca Sellner; Does the Type of Fabric Affect the Brightness of the Dye?

8th Graders:

Noah Simonsen, son of Holly and Lynn Simonsen; Do Different Apps Affect the Amount of Mobile Data Used in a Certain Period of Time?

9th Graders:

Liz Schwint and Annika Nosbush, Liz is the daughter of George and Deanna Schwint, Annika is the daughter of Brad and Sara Nosbush; The Effects of Tillage Depth on the Transmission of Nitrates through Soil Macropores.

10th Graders:

Sophie Kyllonen, daughter of Bruce and Jacki Kyllonen; Does the Type of Pulley Affect Grip Strength and Range of Motion?

Natalie Marti, daughter of Cindy and Dell Marti; Do Enzyme Applications Affect the Tenderness of Meat?

Sophie and Natalie have participated in the science fair each year since they were in 7th grade. They explained why they like it and how it benefits them.

Sophie Kyllonen: I love being in science fair because of the many opportunities it gives me to learn. I also like telling people what I did and how I got there. Science fair also gives me an idea of what I might want to do in the future. I highly recommend kids doing science fair and they will have fun memories of it.

Natalie Marti: I do science fair because of all of the great opportunities it provides. It helps you in school because the experiences in front of judges makes it easier to present projects in class. My writing skills have improved and I am better at researching. Science fair also helps you make great connections for your future. I got the chance to visit SDSU this year and I worked with a professor there and used their equipment to do my project. Science fair is a lot of fun and a great experience.