The January EDA Board Meeting is the annual planning and goal setting meeting for the upcoming year.

The January EDA Board Meeting is the annual planning and goal setting meeting for the upcoming year. The EDA Board discusses, considers, and then works to put forth efforts to complete the goals that it sets at this extended meeting.

The topics of discussion for The EDA’s Jan. 28 meeting included revisions made to two of the EDA programs, early childcare in Sleepy Eye, UMN Resilient Communities Program, Continued focus on Downtown Revitalization, finalization of the legal paper work for the sale of the South Dakota Cemetery, continue efforts on the demolition and sale of the former Orchid Inn property, work with owners of The City Limits and Railway to get them either reopened or stay open, begin to explore and implement possible incubator space and/or a professional building in one of the downtown empty buildings, community housing, and possible sign options on the corner of highways 4 and 14.

There is no new news that can be shared regarding the Del Monte situation. Original contacts with representatives that I had made regarding the situation told me that information would be shared mid-January. Upon my contact again at that time, I was told that now nothing will be shared, no public announcements, no media disclosures, etc., will take place until sometime in April, maybe later. This has been somewhat of a frustrating experience as I led people to believe information was going to be available at this time, and now it will be months down the road with the inability for the EDA to pursue any type of action, make plans, or work for a solution to the situation. So, unfortunately, at this time all we can do is wait.

The Board has pursued legal assistance in dealing with the former Shane’s Tire unpaid property loan situation and this has been referred to legal counsel.

The Board considered all these topics and prioritized them as goals to accomplish over the course of this and coming years. The leading topics that will receive emphasis include continued downtown revitalization, childcare, incubator/professional building, and work with existing businesses to reopen or remain open. This being said, all of the topics mentioned will remain on the EDA radar, as well as any new opportunities that might present themselves.

As always, if you have any questions, or want more information on current EDA activities please feel free to contact me: 794-5636 or