Reported at the December EDA Board Meeting was some positive forward movement with the cemetery property that the EDA owns in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Reported at the December EDA Board Meeting was some positive forward movement with the cemetery property that the EDA owns in Mitchell, South Dakota. As was previously reported, this property was part of collateral involved in an EDA loan for the former Orchid Inn property. It appears that we have found an interested buyer and the legal paperwork has begun with the city attorney in the sale of the property.

On the Orchid Inn — there has been a second asbestos abatement inspection scheduled, and we continue to move towards getting as much information and details together as we can to proceed with the demolition and sale, or the sale as is, with anyone interested in purchasing the property.

Any interested parties in the area that want more information on this property, should contact me to discuss the opportunity. The EDA is willing to sell the property as is or will work towards the demolition and sale of the property. There are numerous scenarios that could be worked out, and numerous possible demolition and grant/loan opportunities that could be involved. The Board will continue to work on this project and will spend some more time discussing details at the upcoming 2020 Planning Meeting, which will be held on Jan. 28.

There is no new news that can be shared regarding the Del Monte situation. I was required to sign a couple of non-disclosure agreements and will be unable to talk about the details of the situation until after Jan. 13. At that time, I will hopefully be able to start sharing details and plans on what’s going on with the property, and where we can go with the situation and how to address what the future might hold for the property.

The Board has requested legal assistance in dealing with the former Shane’s Tire unpaid property loan situation. This has been referred to legal counsel to be addressed.

Information was shared with the Board regarding the newly established Regional Center for Entrepreneurial Facilitation for Brown County. This will be another resource for business start-ups and those who wish to receive assistance in getting a new business established.

Finally, the EDA Board spent time discussing with Matt Mages, his plans and applications for EDA assistance, in the rehabilitation of his building which is the former auto parts store next to the green space property being developed on the corner of Highways 4 and 14. The Board approved the applications that Matt submitted and are looking forward to working with him on the rehabilitation of that building, with offices and apartments, and the continued development of that corner area, as we look towards additional work to be done on the green space and the coordination of things that will be done with the building. This will be another of the buildings on Main Street that we will see being rehabbed, and continues to be a great example of what building owners can do with their property to show interest in the revitalization and investment of the downtown and pride in the community.

As always, if you have any questions, or want more information on current EDA activities please feel free to contact me: 794-5636 or