What was your favorite sports moment of the 2010 decade?

The 2010s as a sports fan in Minnesota could be labeled underneath three categories. Incredible highs, crushing lows, and new facilities.

In Jan. of 2010, the Minnesota Lynx traded for former Gopher star Lindsay Whalen. Underneath Whalen’s leadership, the Lynx went onto win four WNBA Championships and were easily the most successful sports program in the state.

Weeks after that, the hearts of the Vikings fateful were incredibly smashed by the Saints as the Vikings lost 31-28 in overtime in the NFC Championship Game. I will never forget that game. An all out domination by the Vikings only to be washed out by turnovers. The Vikings had 31 first downs to the Saints’ 15. The Vikings also outgained the Saints 475 yards to just 257. Ultimately, five turnovers killed the Vikings in this game. And they were crucial turnovers. Outside of Favre’s interception late in the fourth quarter, four of them were either inside our own 20-yard line or inside the Saints 20-yard line. Let’s move on as we are opening up deep wounds. I was young enough to remember the Vikings’ loss to the Falcons in 1998, but I think this one hurts a little more.

In April, the Twins opened up arguably the most beautfiul stadium in Major League Baseball in Target Field. It was nearly perfect weather the entire spring and summer that year. Which was nice to beat the “should have had a roof” crowd to the curb.

Between the Wild, Wolves, Twins, Vikings, and the newly formed Minnesota United, the teams went 18-45 in the postseason. Ugly. The Lynx gave us championships in ‘11, ‘13, ‘15, and ‘17. They carried a postseason record themselves of 40-17.

Overall the 2010s, as aforementioned was a lot of highs and a lot of lows. We saw the unforgettable Minneapolis Miracle, which made us all believe we were going to be the first team to play a Super Bowl while hosting it. Whoops.

The Twins excited us this season with the Bomba Squad and look to remain in tact for the next few seasons. P.J. Fleck and the Gophers got fans to rush the field in an upset win over Penn State and had many fans truly believeing in a Rose Bowl appearance. All for not.

In Minnesota alone, you cannot deny the beauty of the facilities. Top notch wherever you go. Target Field, TCF Bank Stadium, US Bank Stadium, just tremendous facilities. That isn't even counting the Gophers new athletic village at the U of M. Oh right, I forgot the new CHS Field where the Saints play as well as Allianz Field where the new soccer team plays.

Also, congrats to both schools for their performances this decade. We had multiple teams reach the State Tournament in a variety of sports. We as a community should be proud as one for the collaborative efforts of our student-athletes.

Lastly, the Sleepy Eye Baseball Association will be hosting its' annual meeting this upcoming Wednesday, Jan. 8. The Sleepy Eye Baseball association has also determined that their sign-up for summer baseball will take place at the Sleepy Eye Coffee Shop and Brewery on Main Street on Wednesday, Feb. 26 from 3:30 to 6 p.m.