I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!

I tried, but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t fit a picture of each singing and playing music group on the front page this week. Sleepy Eye just has too much musical talent!

I want to congratulate the music teachers: Rachel Moldan, Bethany Seifert, and Sean Connolly at St. Mary’s School; and Morgan Kokesch and Elizabeth Landherr at Sleepy Eye Public School. They do a wonderful job of helping our local kids learn to appreciate music and also enjoy performing before a crowd.

I also failed to get out of here early Monday afternoon (we sent this paper to the printer then.) I thought I could finish everything and still drive to Mapleton to watch my granddaughter play basketball at 4:30. I’ll have to make that trip another day. At least I get to wish her, and my other four grandchildren, (and their parents, yeah) a Merry Christmas when they join us on Christmas Day for fun, presents, and food.

I have another goal for that day — wrangle the whole crew out to Sportsmen’s Park for a family photo by the #OnlyinMN sign!

By the time you read this in your print edition (sorry, arriving on Friday), I will either have made it, or not. I’ll share the picture if we make it!