I love the Grinch!

Last week I pointed out that there is no official house decorating contest in Sleepy Eye this year. So, I made up my own unofficial, official Herald-Dispatch house decorating contest! No judges, no prizes, just for fun. I asked that people send me pictures of their own house, or any house they love this year.

I just got his great picture, last night, of my favorite Christmas cartoon show characters! (See, if there was judging, I would be biased towards the Grinch!)

This at Bradd and Cheryl Mielke's,816 1st Ave. South.

Cheryl said, "These are homemade figures. I drew them on plywood, my brother-in-law, Bob Missling from Springfield, cut them out, and I painted them. I made the Grinch three years ago and my hubby loved it so much he encouraged me to make a set."

Thank you Cheryl!