Good school concerts, all around!

You’ve heard of a trifecta, right? Well, I’m not bragging — just saying, I just finished the quadfecta of school concerts!

(Just in case you are wondering, yes, I made that word up — after searching the internet for a better one.)

The quadfecta (as in four) of school concerts concluded Tuesday night at Sleepy Eye Elementary School.

Those kindergarten through fourth grade kids did a great job of singing OUT LOUD. I am a fan of singing it out — don’t be worried about how you sound. (Student singers seem to get a bit more timid as they grow older.) You get a set of risers, full of little kids singing out loud, and the sound is bound to be beautiful. Good job kids! And, good job music teachers. They not only got their students to produce beautiful music, they also accomplished an orderly procession of each class getting on stage and off stage. The concert was a half hour delight for the young families in attendance.

I like middle school/high school concerts because I love band music even more than I love singing out loud. That being said, the big kids at both schools all sang beautifully, as well. And the bands all made me happy — not only to hear how the kids progress as they grow older, but because band music just does that for me!

The elementary programs were of two types: more of a pageant, with costumes and the nativity scene, at St. Mary’s; and the sparkly, fluffy, Christmas dress kind of concert, at Public School. I even, all most, caught a picture of a little girl—front and center—picking up her sparkly skirt, maybe it was scratchy, for a big fluff! (You know how they do that?) The photo just shows the skirt coming down. I should have had the setting on sport.

Anyway, I’m not bragging about my quadfecta, because it is highly likely that some local grandparents achieved the same distinction. So nice to see the gym and auditorium full of school music fans!

Now, about all those photos I took at the concerts and programs. It occurred to me that next week is Christmas and we will have very little news to report. We also have a very early deadline—everything all done before I leave on Monday (even though you will not receive your paper until Friday, that’s just the way it worked out.)

So, you can expect a Christmas week paper featuring as many school concert pictures as we can fit on the front page, maybe the back page, too!

Merry Christmas