Ready to be famous?

Okay, that was disappointing. The Chamber of Commerce had to cancel their Light the Night event last Saturday, due to the icky, ugly weather. (Although, I will say, I wasn’t all that disappointed when I didn’t have to go out that night!) So, that was a fun Sleepy Eye opportunity lost.

But wait . . . all is not lost. Christina, at the Chamber, isn’t rescheduling Light the Night, but she found something else fun to do at the Holiday Lights in Motion display. She’s arranged for Explore Minnesota’s #OnlyinMN mini-monument to be in the park from Dec. 9 to Dec. 30.

The mini-monument is like the one that was on display by Herman the German in New Ulm earlier this fall, but a smaller version. The letters are stacked, not spread out.

Well, you’ll just have to go to the park and see it for yourself. And take selfies, with our fantastic lights in the background, and share your pictures all over the place. We’re going to be famous!

I also just saw shared on Facebook, that our Holiday Lights in Motion got famous on the Ch. 5 Twin Cities Live program Tuesday, as a featured location on their spot, “Worth the Trip: Best Holiday Lights in Minnesota.”

Speaking of famous . . . remember I told you Sleepy Eye (and the bad news about our Del Monte plant) would be featured on the Twin Cities PBS show Almanac? Well, I have a kind of date when the show will air.

First, Kaomi Goetz, the reporter who came to Sleepy Eye, told me it might be on this Friday night, Dec. 6. Then, she had to tell me that it might not be on then, because they had some other segment (more important, I guess.) So, that means we might be on Almanac on Friday night, Dec. 13. (7 p.m., Ch. 2 or Pioneer Public TV) The operative word there is “might.”

This is what Kaomi told me when I asked if it really would not be on this week: “They never confirm until the day before the show, but so far it’s not on the board for this Friday. My boss said it’s pretty likely (90% or greater) for next [Dec. 13] but nothing is for sure in broadcast world….”

I feel ya, Kaomi. Nothing is for sure in the newspaper world, either.

Sometimes I have a story on my menu for the week and then I either don’t get it done, or don’t have the space, or maybe even forget about it, and then I move it to the next week. Or, the next week after that — like what happened with the story about Sleepy Eye Lake coming off the impaired waters list. I was pretty excited about that news. I was all ready to dig for more information. Then short deadlines, Thanksgiving, and who knows what, happened. I finally caught up with the Mayor the other day, to ask him questions and get a picture at the slough.

Just like Almanac’s story about Sleepy Eye and Del Monte, the story about the lake wasn’t something that had to be told by a certain date. Nothing was going to change any time soon — at either place, I mean.

The lake and slough are in for their winter slumber. The improvement in water quality is good news that we will continue to enjoy and the city will continue to pay attention to.

What’s happening at Del Monte is still a mystery. That news out of the Philippines, about it being sold, has not been confirmed in any way to anyone that I’ve talked to here in Sleepy Eye. And that news wasn’t exactly comforting. The news story didn’t say who was supposedly buying the plant. It didn’t say if the mystery buyer would operate the plant, or just take all the good stuff out of it.

Sleepy Eye’s story about what Del Monte’s closing means to the town — the story Almanac tried to find — is still a mystery. We don’t yet know what it will mean. Will the jobs disappear? Will people move away? Will something else happen there?

I am looking forward to seeing what our story looks like on Almanac. I am curious about what Kaomi learned as she tried to find out how we think this will affect our town.

How about that snow? I am in the “it looks kind of pretty” camp (sometimes, not all winter and spring) and that is because I am not very involved in removing it from sidewalks, driveways, or streets. A big Thank You to our city crew for keeping up with these recent snowfalls. We appreciate the inconvenient hours you put in for our comfort!