When can we visit the Sleepy Eye Brewing Co. for some great craft beer and fun ambiance?

Well, we’ve all probably visited the Pix to experience the Sleepy Eye Coffee Co. this fall. Now the question is — when can we visit the Sleepy Eye Brewing Co. for some great craft beer and fun ambiance? The answer: that depends.

“Our target date to open depends on our beer inventory,” said newly named manager, Kelly Krzmarzick. “We don’t want to open and run out of beer.” Never fear, there is already plenty of beer in Sleepy Eye Brewing Company’s kegs, with more flavors brewing every day. All those kegs will be full soon.

In the meantime, Krzmarzick said he is done interviewing to fill his staff. A few private parties which are scheduled over the next couple weeks will serve as on-the-job training opportunities.

“Our goal as a staff is to work together to make sure the patrons not only enjoy great craft beer, but also know they will be treated wonderfully,” said Krzmarzick.

Krzmarzick said Sleepy Eye Brewing Co. will be a place where families will be as comfortable as adult beer lovers. “The brewery atmosphere is quite different from a bar,” he said. “We will strive to turn the patrons’ visit into an experience — it will be a great social environment that will bring our community together.”

In addition to a wide variety of craft beers, Sleepy Eye Brewing Co. will also offer 1919 Rootbeer on tap and bottled Buddy’s orange and grape soft drinks. The bewery is not a restaurant, but patrons will be able to get pizza and appetizers to fill that need to munch.

While the three big screen TVs will be tuned mostly to sports, according to Krzmarzick, other fun activities are in the planning stages. While the wheels are still turning in his brain, some ideas are trivia nights, yoga, 5K runs, karaoke, fantasy sports drafts, and Wild, Vikings, Twins game nights, plus many more.

Sleepy Eye Brewing Co. merchandise includes caps, shirts, and drinkware — all of which are already available during Sleepy Eye Coffee Co. open hours. Patons will also be able to purchase take home crowlers ( large can) and growlers (jug) of their favorite brew.

Krzmarzick said when the brewery opens for business (we have to wait for more news on that date) they will be open Wednesday through Sunday.

Krzmarzick, a 1999 graduate of St. Mary’s High School, has worked as an elementary school teacher for the past 15 years, at schools in Las Vegas, Sioux Falls, and Worthington. Most recently he taught in Brandon, S.D. and coached the award winning Legion baseball team there.

“It’s good to be home again and this is a new and exciting opportunity for me,” he said.

Krzmarzick is enjoying working alongside his colleague across the room — David Forster, manager of Sleepy Eye Coffee Co. with his wife, Samarah. “Dave and I played together on the St. Mary’s basketball team that went to state in 1998!”

Good to be home, indeed.