Thank you, Mayor Pelzel!

Good news from the City Council meeting — the mayor made a practical decision in laying out the common sense ground rules for how to behave when you attend a city council meeting. While that shouldn’t have been necessary, recent events have brought us to this point.

I’ve written about unseemly conduct by residents in attendance at several meetings over recent months. I do understand that people feel strongly about the issues they want the city to address, but it is also true they can convey those feelings in a civil manner.

Mayor Pelzel did us all a favor Tuesday night.

I’m also a fan of his decision to discontinue the Open Forum before council meetings. He said he did that because of recent inappropriate remarks. I’d say he could have done it just because it served no purpose.

At the Open Forum, residents were invited to speak before the council about issues they were concerned about. The council was not supposed to respond. Not even to say: “We’ll have to look into that.”

So, what was the purpose? People would speak their mind and not find out what the council might or might not do to address their concern. They didn’t even get an indication if the council members found their concern worth ever thinking about again.

What’s the purpose in that?

I’ve said this before: if you have a question or concern about something within the purview of the city council, simply call the mayor, or call the city manager, or call a council member. Explain your concern and ask if it could be placed on the agenda, or discussed at a committee meeting. You can even ask to attend a committee meeting to better explain your concern to those who can deal with it.

You might not get instant gratification — after all the process takes some time. But you can get the ball rolling.

Or, you might just learn that whatever it is that you are concerned with is already under discussion and consideration.

The Sleepy Eye City Council is there to serve the residents of our town. They are happy to work together to decide how best to do just that.

Another good thing happened for the city — the Public Utility Commission and City Council hired Mike Hardin as Director of Public Works, the position Bob Elston held. That is good news, now Bob will have only one big job!

Of course, because Mike was already employed by the city in the water department, now there is another position to fill.

I guess that’s how job openings get created!

How are you liking this wintery weather? Not, huh? Yeah, me neither.

On Monday, as I went out a few times to attend the Veterans Day programs, I definitely did not like the bitter cold and wind. It reminded me of Veterans Day last year.

Do you remember? In addition to the traditional programs, there was also a dedication of the downtown flag project held in Veterans Park. It was windy, very cold, and also snowing sideways.

Thanks, November!