Employees of Schwartz Farms, presented information to three Ag. classes at Sleepy Eye High School on Oct. 25.

On Friday, Oct. 25, Shelia Schmid and Andy Cook, employees of Schwartz Farms, presented to three Ag. classes at Sleepy Eye High School: Large Animals, Food Science, and Intro to Ag. 7. They shared a great deal of information to the groups including: History of Schwartz Farms, Swine Care, Job Opportunities, and How to Properly Cook Pork Products.

With the Food Science class, the focus was on the nutritious aspects of pork and preparing pork to the proper temperature of 145 degrees with a 3 minute rest. Andy Cook prepared pulled pork for the students, stressing how versatile and affordable the product is. Then the Food Science students could make pork tacos, pork nachos, or a pulled pork sandwich.

It is important for students to realize the variety of jobs available in the Sleepy Eye area due to the pork industry, including not only animal care providers, but accountants, IT, human resources, warehouse, maintenance, nutrition, environmentalists and many more. Some of these jobs are available to those at age 16, including through the OJT program, and eventually internships, as well as full-time positions.