A couple of treats for me!

I had a real treat Tuesday morning, after a really, real treat last week. Let me explain.

My daughters and I took advantage of the MEA break (Lisa is a teacher) to go on a girls’ trip to Washington, D.C. Thursday through Sunday. We had a marvelous time together, with very little bickering (they think I snore, and they think my legs and feet were tired because of my shoe choice—not so, they were tired because of my lack of regular walking!)

Anyway, it was a great trip and we saw the monuments and spent many hours in museums. We hadn’t planned ahead enough, so didn’t make it inside the Capitol or the White House. That’s okay, we only had so many hours and so many other things to see.

So, that was a really, real treat. It was also two days away from work for me. That’s a good thing, except it means I didn’t get anything done in advance for this newspaper. It means I had a lot to do on Monday and Tuesday, without a firm plan of what the front page news would be.

On Tuesday morning, I got the chance to have another real treat!

Principal Shane Laffen told me the high school students would be hearing from Bob Lenz at 9:30 that morning. I’d heard of Lenz and knew his presentation would be good. I also knew I probably needed another story for the paper. While it was an hour that I really didn’t have free, I went anyway.

It was an hour well spent—a real treat.

I came into the gym while the “opening act” was entertaining the kids. Joshua, an illusionist and comedian, had the kids (and adults) laughing and engaged. It was a fun release from a hurried morning.

Bob Lenz also engaged us all with humor, and with tenderness, while sharing his most wonderful message of each person’s dignity, value, and worth. We all need that message and his method—just love everybody!