About all those orange construction cones on Main Street the other week.

Last week, traffic barrels divided and shifted lanes of traffic on Highway 14 (Main Street) just east of Highway 4 for about a week, while a water leak located on the north side of Highway 14, in front of the Furniture Gallery, was repaired.

The leak appeared about a week before, initially being reported by the building owner on the south side of Highway 14, who called to say water was coming into his basement. H&M Drilling removed a section of sidewalk just outside of that building and dug a hole looking for the leak. Unfortunately, that hole showed that the leak was coming from across the highway to the north.

It took the remainder of that week to work with MnDOT to arrange for traffic control, find a contractor to saw cut the highway where the leak was now suspected to be, and coordinate with multiple other contractors to dig the larger hole where the repair would take place, re-pour the concrete and overlay the blacktop road surface. These things needed to happen immediately after the leak was repaired to limit the inconvenience of the traffic control.

Jeff Moldan, with the city’s water department, coordinated all these moving parts, finding contractors and scheduling the work. With all of this in place, Heiderscheidt Digging began work on Monday, Oct. 7. They dug the hole, found the leak and repaired it. Wurtzburger Construction then came in and drilled new re-bar into the existing concrete and re-poured the new concrete. After a three-day cure time, MR Paving came in on Friday morning and replaced the blacktop. MnDOT removed the construction barrels and traffic was back to normal.

We much appreciate the work of everyone involved, who worked quickly and efficiently, to fix this leak with minimal disruption to the public.