Lions Club Students of Month for October are Lauren Hoffmann and Matthew Sellner.

St. Mary’s High School senior Lauren Hoffmann is busy in many school activities, such as volleyball, cheerleading and softball, the YES! Team, school musicals, and journalism/school yearbook. Throughout high school Lauren has been on the Student Council, serving as Vice President this year. She aso serves as Presidents of the Honor Society.

Lauren is a Mass Server, helps at Food for Kidz each year, is a blood drive volunteer, and makes blankets for Gillette Children’s Hospital.

Lauren works as a lifeguard and swim instructor assistant at SEFAC, helps on farms and babysits.

Lauren said her personal strengths and values, such as creativity, determination, honesty, and the ability to work well with others, will help her succeed as they assist her in developing good relationships with others in her career and family.

Lauren said her dad has been the greatest influence in her life because he is a good role model in working hard and having determination. “He is there for me no matter what and always reminds me to set goals and give it my all in everything I do.”

More about Lauren  Parents: Rusty and Tiffany Hoffmann

Plans following graduation: Lauren plans to obtain a nursing degree and then pursue a career as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

Hobbies: Lauren likes sports, art, playing violin, and spending time with family and friends.

Sleepy Eye High School senior Matthew Sellner is a three-sport athlete, playing football, basketball and baseball throughout high school. He’s involved in school theater productions, is in the band and belongs to FFA.

Matthew was Class President in seventh, eighth and 10th grade — he must be good at it, because he is Class President again this year. He is also in the Honor Society.

Matthew volunteers at Food for Kidz, serves on his Church Youth Board and has gone on two Church Mission Trips.

Matthew works at Schutz Family Foods and Mark Thomas Co.

Matthew feels his values and strengths will guide him through life, “I am matter what curveball life throws at me to knock me down, I will bounce back; I show passion by taking challenges head on until they are completed; and I show optimism by staying positive and always looking at the bright side.”

Matthew said his father is the greatest influence in his life. “My dad would do anything he could to help me, from proof reading essays, to tossing the football around in the front year. He has loved me since day one and has always pushed me to the greatest person I can be. I hope I can be just like him when I grow up.”

More about Matthew  Parents: Bryan and Sara Sellner

Plans following graduation: Matthew plans to pursue elementary education in college.

Hobbies: Matthew likes hunting, fishing, camping, video games, and sports.