Investigator named.

I am very happy to announce that Shawn Bohnen has been named the first Investigator for the Sleepy Eye Police Department. Shawn has been a Patrol Officer for approximately six years; five and a half with the Sleepy Eye Police Department.

Shawn has served as the Department’s Child Protection Officer for over four years. Shawn has shown great care for cases involving children. Shawn has been to many trainings associated with the investigation of crimes involving child victims. Shawn is methodical, organized, and persistent when investigating any case he is assigned. He has developed a skill set that many patrol officers don’t possess.

I truly feel that Shawn was not only the right person for this position, but the best person for this position. Shawn has a mix of modern Police investigation knowledge and small town Police values. He will be efficient and adept, but still approachable by anyone in the public. Shawn will assume the Investigator role in January 2020. Up until that point the Officers of the Sleepy Eye Police Department were/are responsible for investigation of whatever crimes were reported during their shifts. This led to long hours, Officer stress, a mix of two different types of Police work and possibly things missed during investigations. Patrol work and Investigation work are two very different things. A great Patrol Officer does not necessarily make a great Investigator. Handling a patrol call often requires quick thinking, knowledge of base criminal law, sound tactics, and de-escalation communication. Investigation requires a similar but different skill set. Better knowledge of criminal laws, and understanding the elements of major crimes to help in the prosecution, is something most Patrol Officers don’t possess. The interviewing technique of investigators is usually more developed and has greater success than Patrol Officers. Where Patrol Officers need to be quick to react and solve issues; Investigators need to be methodical and calculating in their approach. Like any job, the more someone can specialize in something, the better that person can do that job.

Investigator Bohnen will have the time to develop his cases and chase leads. This will lead to a better chance to solve cases in Sleepy Eye. Investigator Bohnen will work a base Monday through Friday schedule. Investigator Bohnen does have a flexible schedule, giving him the latitude to utilize his hours to work any day of the week, at any hour of the day. The city and citizens of Sleepy Eye will be greatly served by the Investigator position. The City Council and Administration had the foresight to recognize this issue and make this position a priority for our Department.

The Sleepy Eye Police Department will be accepting applications to replace Shawn on Patrol through the middle of November.