Report on Oct. 8 Sleepy Eye City Council meeting.

The first item on Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting agenda was a followup discussion on garbage pickup. Mayor Wayne Pelzel said that after last month’s meeting, when a motion was passed to have garbage picked up where the resident preferred — alley or street, the council’s Finance Committee met with Brent and Rachel Kucera, owners of River View Sanitation, to discuss how to proceed.

The mayor said it became clear that requiring RVS to drive garbage trucks down every alley and every street would lead to a rate increase, so the suggestion made by Brent Kucera, at that committee meeting, was to simply “go back to the way it was before” — meaning in the alley for those sections of town that have alleys.

A motion to that effect was passed unanimously, with the understanding that residents are also free to ask RVS to consider a different arrangement if bringing the garbage can to the alley is difficult.

Mayor Pelzel said RVS will make the change after the final yard waste pickup date, which is Nov. 15, so alley pick up begins on Monday, Nov. 18.

In other business:

•The council approved the second reading of an amendment to the dangerous dog ordinance, adding that a dog is deemed “potentially dangerous” if, when “provoked or unprovoked,” it inflicts “substantial bodily harm on a human being on public or private property.”

•Staying on the topic of dogs, the council also declined to change the number of dogs (and/or cats) allowed at a residence. The current ordinance allows two pets (dogs or cats) per dwelling unit, or four per multi-dwelling structure.

•Granted a liquor license to Sleepy Eye Brewing Company to sell and serve beer on-sale and off-sale including on Sundays at an annual “tap room license” fee of $1,200. As liquor licenses expire at the end of June, the fee is prorated to $700; license is in force on Dec. 1.

•Approved issuing General Obligation Capital Improvement bonds in the amount of $616,000. City Manager Bob Elston said the funds would cover the cost of the (used) motor grader the council intends to purchase, and also replenish cash reserves that were spent on city hall renovation, to preserve the city’s AA- bond rating in advance of issuing bonds for the coming street construction projects.

•Set the Truth in Taxation hearing for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 10.