EDA Coordinator's update on EDA work.

The September EDA Board Meeting began with the financial reports on the Revolving Loan Fund, Downtown Rehab Fund, Sign and Awning Program, and 2019 Façade Programs. The monthly EDA report, the Chamber Director’s report, and St. Peter Business Services report on Little Sprouts Learning Center were all accepted as printed.

I gave the Board an update on the corner of 4 and 14 property. The water line and electrical will be installed within the next two weeks, and then the retaining walls and free-standing wall will be installed. Once they are finished the sprinkling system will be installed.

I reported to the Board that we had a date set to meet with representatives from Peace, Light, and Stone to discuss the cemetery property the EDA owns in Mitchell, S.D. However, due to the extensive amount of rain and local flooding that recently took place in Mitchell, the meeting had to be postponed. We are currently working on scheduling a new meeting date.

The details on revising and updating the criteria for the EDA loan and rehab programs is on hold until the extended quarterly EDA Board Meeting, which will be held in October. At this time the Board will determine some changes and revisions related to the downtown rehab program’s criteria and guidelines, as well as developing another new program that will become available for home based child care providers.

I informed the Board that I was still waiting for the final two bids to be submitted for the demolition of the former Orchid Inn facility. When all four bids are in hand, the Board will consider using the DEED Demolition Loan Program to assist in getting this property cleaned up.

The information on Resilient Communities Projects will be a discussion item for the Board at the October meeting. The information pertaining to this program is related to creative entrepreneurial ideas, and further community development ideas and projects.

I gave an update, with very little new information, regarding the Del Monte situation. I continue to be in contact with DEED. There continues to be unanswered questions and many speculations. I shared that I was told there are activities and efforts taking place, but at this time nothing to share publicly and that many different things must happen before information becomes available.

John Cselovszki, the District 84 Superintendent, and I recently met with representatives from Region 9 regarding the Blue Cross Blue Shield Rural Equity Learning Community Grant that Sleepy Eye has received. We began the discussion on Welcoming Communities and the upcoming community meetings that will take place. I will continue to share more details and information on this project as they become available and as upcoming meetings are scheduled. Numerous members of our community will be invited to attend and participate in this project.

Finally, I shared information with the Board on an upcoming Career Readiness Workshop that will be held in November. This is a program that is like our OJT Program, but much more extensive. It is being used in a few communities around the State of Minnesota.

As always, if you have any questions, or want more information on current EDA activities please feel free to contact me: 794-5636 or eda@sleepyeye-mn.com