No secret here, I pick the columns and cartoons that go on this page. This week I went with good thoughts. Well, I don’t mean that some columnists or cartoonists have bad thoughts, I just mean these are “good” thoughts, as in feel good thoughts. (You'll have to get your print edition to read the "smile" column - it's a good one all around.)

And, why not? Consider the alternative. Bad, serious national news. Too hot Monday, too much rain. Tough farming conditions all around. Del Monte closing.

On Del Monte, local management deserves a big thank you for organizing a job fair for their employees. It was held at the Event Center last Wednesday afternoon/evening. The entire was place was filled with company displays and recruiters. So many companies are looking for good employees.

Scott Haime, Human Resource Manager, was thankful for the interest of so many companies and the opportunity they were able to provide for Del Monte employees.

Scott said, “The outreach from the community has been exceptional, way more than we could have expected. Several of our employees were able to spend hours at the fair and most made great connections. I received many compliments and comments of appreciation from our employees and I know there were many who gained excellent contacts that we hope will lead to opportunities after their severance dates.”

I say, thank you to Scott and those who helped him plan this event. It is heartwarming to know that the employees are at the top of their list of concerns.

Another good thing . . . there is still hope that the Del Monte plant will be sold and operated by a new owner. If that is true, it will be wonderful news for Sleepy Eye, and for all those people who don’t really want to change jobs and especially don’t want to move away from Sleepy Eye — nobody wants that to happen!

Want more good news? How about that things are hopping on Main Street? 

The apartment that Mark Kober renovated is truly a cute and comfortable space. It’s another place for your friends or family members to stay when visiting Sleepy Eye. And that name? Sleepy Eye Uptown? Genius, I say!

Tired of waiting for your fancy coffee? More stuff hopping on Main Street. I’ve been seeing hints that Sleepy Eye Coffee Co. is open. Turns out they’ve done a couple “soft” openings this week. They plan to fully open next week. I’m ready for my fancy coffee, and a repeat of some delicious soup I had a chance to sample!

Now, are you ready for crisp, sunny, blue sky fall days? Or, as the cartoonist says, can you handle some extreme record-breaking fall color about now? (With your fancy coffee?)