Join the revolution and get behind the Bomba Squad!

I was reflecting on what I was going to write about this week. Do I write and vent about the free falling Vikings and their quarterback situation? Or do I write about a more positive piece, like my MLB predictions I made back in March.

With the MLB Playoffs beginning this week, I wanted to touch base to see how I did in the regular season. I predicted the Twins for 85-88 wins, they easily surpassed that and won 101 games. I also predicted Nelson Cruz could lead the Twins with 40 home runs. Well, he hit 41. I also noted that new additions CJ Cron, Marwin Gonzalez and Jonathon Schoop had 20 home run upside, along with Kepler and Rosario. Cron finished with 25, Schoop finished with 23, Rosario finished with 32, and Kepler finished with 36. Gonzalez finished with 15, although had he stayed healthy down the stretch, I guarantee he would have had 20.

I predicted Buxton and Sano would take a step forward, and they did. Despite major struggles and fans foolishly calling for Sano to be traded and/or cut, he finished with 34 home runs, and on pace for over 50 home runs had he played a full 162 game schedule. Buxton just could not and cannot stay healthy.

My playoff team predictions were the Yankees, Twins, Astros, Red Sox, and Rays. Of the American League teams, I nailed all but the Red Sox, who were replaced by the Oakland Athletics in the Wild Card.

In the National League, despite losing Bryce Harper I had the Nationals making the playoffs. In addition to the Nationals, I chose the Dodgers and Brewers. For the two Wild Card spot, I chose the Rockies. Colorado did not have a good year, finished last in their division actually, whoops! Although, for the second Wild Card spot I noted the Braves would beat out the Cubs, Phillies, Mets, or Cardinals. The Braves actually ended up winning their division while the Brewers got the Wild Card. The Cardinals won their division as well. The Mets, Diamondbacks, and Cubs were the first three teams out of the chase for the final spot.

I would say team wise, my choices were pretty good.

Now, with that said. Can we please fill up the Twins bandwagon!? I do not care what happened in the past against the Yankees. They are getting the best lineup in the game! The BombaSquad! Get your homer hankeys out and cheer on the Twins! No excuses. Everyone is hungry for a winner. No matter which teams. The Vikings certainly are not providing that right now. The Gophers football team is 4-0, but early in the season yet! This state is hungry for a winner, so let’s get behind the Twins and rally up the troops!

I firmly believe it is time to slay the dreaded Bronx Bombers. We got a taste of a potential playoff series back at Target Field during the month of July, including an awesome 14-12 slugfest in a Twins loss. I think this team has the mindset and proper leadership to get it done. I got the Twins over the Yankees in four games. Maybe a bit optimistic, but I rather be that than pessimistic! Go Twins!