I hope that Homecoming Week brings back some memories of school days past!

I suppose there are many readers that don’t have much of a connection to the schools anymore — no kids yet, kids graduated and gone, grandkids living in another town, or maybe not originally from Sleepy Eye, so you don’t even have those local high school memories.

I do hope that Homecoming Week brings back some memories of school days, even if you have no attachment to our local schools. For those who are alumni of our high schools, you certainly have Homecoming memories.

For old people like me, that includes the huge bonfires (maybe a bad idea?) and elaborate floats in the Homecoming parades.

Well, times change, and so do school traditions. Nobody lights anything on fire and parades are not what they used to be. The students are involved in so many sports and activities that it just became too much of a challenge to build floats at night (like we used to do).

Sleepy Eye High School stopped their traditional parade several years ago, then briefly brought back a parade around school property. But really, it became a hurried last bit of the day thing. The high school students enjoy their Friday afternoon pepfest, with many fun events and class competitions. This year, they will stick with that and not be rushed to finish up and have a parade the students aren’t that enthusiastic about.

St. Mary’s does continue the Homecoming parade tradition, but with a new twist the last few years. They combine it with their annual Marathon — a kind of two for one deal!

I remember a couple times in the past, when the schools had Homecoming the same week, when their parades met downtown and paraded through Main Street, one after the other.

So, now I have this bright idea. Next time the schools share Homecoming Week, what if they planned a joint Homecoming Dance at the Event Center? Two sets of royalty, and all the teens in town having a great time celebrating Sleepy Eye!