Today's young families help keep Sleepy Eye vital.

What does it mean to you? That there’s no place like home?

Do you think of your childhood home—like the actual house? Do you think of your grandparents’ house on holidays? Do you think of your own current home?

Do you ever think of your own home town as the ‘no place like home’ home?

The return to Sleepy Eye of young people who grew up here and then moved away — for college and first jobs — is something that’s been noted before. A couple of years ago we filled a good part of our annual Progress Edition with stories about home town ‘kids’ who came back to establish careers and raise their families.

There are also many local young people, working and living in Sleepy Eye, who chose to never leave in the first place (except for maybe post-secondary education.) They decided this was a great home for their families, too.

I don’t know if we are a unique town, but I do think Sleepy Eye has a special draw as a place to work and raise a family. Special enough to bring our local graduates back, and attract new young families.

I had a fun time interviewing Dave and Samarah Forster for this week’s front page story. Dave is a classmate of my daughter Lisa and it’s always fun to learn where her friends are and what they do. Dave has other friends and schoolmates who have made Sleepy Eye their home, and invited Dave and Samarah to do the same.

Sometimes, there is just no place like home!