Del Monte closing could mean a $100,000 hit to the school district next year.

“We have 35 migrant students from 20 families, in grades kindergarten through 12, whose parents work at Del Monte,” Public School Superintendent John Cselovszki said. “None have left school yet.”

Cselovszki had been asked what effect the announced closing of Del Monte had on the school district. So far there has been no effect on enrollment, he said.

“Usually we see the first students leave around Oct. 10,” Cselovszki explained. “But some parents go to work at Bic after corn pack is done. Their children stay in school until December. Each year, by January when we return to school, 35 to 40 students are gone.”

If local hopes are dashed, and no other company reopens the plant, how will the absence of those jobs affect the school district next year?

Minnesota schools receive funding on a per pupil basis. The funding for students who are not in school the entire year is prorated to the amount of time they attend in a district.

“We can estimate the loss of $100,000 in revenue next school year, 2020-2021,” Cselovszki said. “This year’s revenue will not be affected.”

When asked how the school district could adjust spending to cover that loss, Cselovszki said cuts and adjustments would have to be made.

“This year we added a third section of kindergarten, based on enrollment,” said Cselovszki. “We could go back to two sections, for a savings of about $50,000. The rest would have to come from adjustments to several areas of the budget.”