A chance to hear from US Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue.

No secret — I am interested in public policy. I would kind of liked to attend Farmfest on Tuesday and Wednesday. Governor Walz was there on Tuesday and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue was there on Wednesday. I thoroughly enjoy listening to people in their positions discuss the issues of importance to our ag economy — which is a huge part of our local economy.

Tuesdays are just too busy here at the newspaper to get away for half the day. I wrote, “Farmfest - Gov” on my calendar when the schedule came out. Of course that was wishful thinking and I soon realized I couldn’t go.

Then I got the press release about Secretary Perdue’s planned visit to Farmfest on Wednesday. Perfect! The paper is printed and I have time.

Then I got an even better offer — on Wednesday afternoon Secretary Perdue would take part in a roundtable discussion in Mankato.

I forgot to mention the other thing about Farmfest. It’s hot there. And, you have to walk a lot. Secretary Perdue’s roundtable in Mankato is in a beautiful air-conditioned office building. That’s my destination this (Wednesday) afternoon.

I’ll also make a trip or two to the Brown County Free Fair this week. I’ll get my hot and walking there. I always look forward to seeing our local kids with their 4-H and FFA projects and animals. Actually, it sounds like the weather might be quite pleasant.

I recommend a visit to the Brown County Free Fair to everyone.