The 4-H Pet Show at the Brown County Free Fair is on Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 4 p.m. in the Swine Barn Arena.

4-H members have many project areas to choose from when they decide on what to compete in at the Brown County Fair. One fun event is the Pet Show. This year’s 4-H Pet Show is on Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 4 p.m. in the Swine Barn Arena.

Cindy Jensen, a member of the Comfrey Comets, is entering her pet rabbit, Duchess, in the Pet Show this year. She has entered other pets in the Pet Show in the past and shared what the event is like for the kids and their pets.

Cindy said she entered two gold fish in the Pet Show when she was a little girl, and also entered with a pet cat. This year it is Duchess’ turn.

“Duchess is a two-year-old Dutch rabbit and this will be her third year in the Rabbit Show—I entered her when she was very little,” said Cindy. “This year I’m also entering the Pet Show with Duchess.” 

Cindy said that during the Pet Show, each 4-H member brings their pet to the judge’s table and answers questions—like how they care for their pet. “The judge will pet your animal and watch how it acts, how comfortable it is with you,” Cindy explained.

Asked what other animals members enter in the show, Cindy said, “I’ve seen lots of dogs! Also cats, turtles, fish, hamsters, and rabbits.”

Cindy's other project areas for the fair are: Fine Arts, Crafts, Photography, Food and Nutrition, Home Environment, Clothes You Buy, Rabbit, Needle Arts, and Indoor and Outdoor Gardening. She will be busy at the Brown County Free Fair this year.

Cindy is the daughter of David and Kelli Jensen. She will be a seventh graders at Comfrey High School this fall.