It has been another wonderful, and fast, summer at the Sleepy Eye Migrant Education Program.

It has been another wonderful, and fast, summer at the Sleepy Eye Migrant Education Program.

The summer began with a visit to the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota for our 1st and 2nd graders, and “Matilda the Musical” at the Children’s Theatre for our students in grades 3 and up.

This year the migrant students were able to complete swimming lessons at the Sleepy Eye Family Aquatic Center and enjoyed a few afternoons cooling off. Trinity Lutheran Church made a donation for a swim day on the last week of school! 

The six-week program was filled with reading, math, and STEM instruction. Students also enjoyed team building and leadership activities with the Cub Scouts of America, 4-H, and Snap Education from the U of M Extension.The school had a special visitor — SEPD Officer Elliott Waterbury — who spoke about Stranger Danger with the entire student body.

This year many students were able to experience fishing for the first time, due to the volunteers from Boating and Bobbers. The students and staff beat a summer storm home, after a track and field meet in Olivia with two other Migrant Summer School Programs, Bird Island and BBE. Many of the students came home with ribbons for finishing in the top of the race. The final activity this summer was a trip to Como Zoo to celebrate a summer filled with hard work and great memories.

There was a daily average of 40 students attending, or working from home (high school students enrolled in online courses.) In addition, three students took STAAR Assessments, one student took two credits by exams through the University of Texas, and two high school students were able to partake in job shadowing and career exploration activities. It was another high impact summer, with three days a week partnered with public school Targeted Services.