Editor's column.

We call this page Perspectives, which means it generally contains the opinions of the writers. I say generally, because sometimes I use the space to include submissions from various government entities, that are not opinion, but rather public information.

I decide what goes on this page and this week I decided on a couple of what I refer to as “fluffy” columns. (See sidebars.) I mean they are not earth-shattering opinion, but either fun or enlightening, none the less.

I have a distinct memory from that July night in 1969, when the world watched the moon landing. I was 14 years old and my memory is of being outside at dusk with a girlfriend. I don’t know why we weren’t watching TV — maybe the allure of running around town on a summer evening was more appealing. I remember the two of us looking up at the moon and imagining what was happening there.

Columnist Dorothy Rosby has a humorous perspective on that event. She also makes some pretty good points.

Every so often I include a column from Harvey Mackay. He usually writes about business topics, but I also glean every day advice from his writings. This time his advice to volunteer certainly applies to everyone in society, whether they run a business, supervise staff, are in the world of work, work at home, or are retired.

Our community is better because of many volunteers and as Mackay points out, people who volunteer are better people for their efforts.

I think it is just too hot and humid to tax our brains with unpleasant topics this week. I certainly have some strong thoughts on the current unpleasantness in our country’s seat of government. I decided to let my brain cool off and think it through some more. You know — let cooler heads prevail.

It’s probably also pretty hot and humid in Washington, D.C. Maybe heads there will cool off soon?