If you want to have the city consider some concern, all you have to do is ask. You don't even have to get all angry about it!

Well, well, well. Where to start? Once again the Sleepy Eye City Council held a very good meeting, but also find themselves in the midst of another complaint against a city council member. I have a copy of the city’s code of conduct, and without hearing what happened, I have a pretty good idea. I’ll let that whole thing play out as it should. We will learn more in the future.

I’d rather compliment the council on how they handled another topic.

A room full of citizens attended the meeting to voice complaints and concerns about garbage collection in Sleepy Eye. By my highly scientific eyeball survey of the room, there were about 20 citizens in attendance. Most of them appeared to be there to listen or speak on the garbage issue. In my notes, I count comments from at least eight people. Each had a different concern. The owners of the garbage collection company were also in attendance. They listened and answered a couple questions directed at them.

The entire topic was handled respectfully — although, there were a few slightly raised voices at times. (That shouldn’t be necessary, but most people get a little excited sometimes.)

Now the council will take those comments under consideration, and I expect they will meet with the contractor to discuss possible remedies.

Folks, that is the way it is supposed to work. Instead of complaining to friends at the coffee shop or bar, if you have a concern about a city issue you should ask the city how to address the issue. Ask the mayor, your councilor, or the city manager to get it on the agenda. Then a civil discussion can be held and possible solutions will be sought.