The importance of determination and working hard, despite what others think of you.

There are times in my life where I wonder and ask myself, what is really going on? How has this happened? Why am I where I am now? Where do I want to be? I like to think I am eternally optimistic. I am not sure if this is something I developed or was taught, or just had naturally.

For instance, in sports, I walk into every game as a player or coach expecting to win that game. If you go somewhere and do not expect to win, you already lost. Same goes for life.

If you get any opportunity, absolutely any at all, be certain and tel yourself that you are going to dominate and take every advantage of any opportunity you are given.

Set goals, don’t dream. A dream is only something that exists in the mind, a goal is where you are constantly thinking about it and working towards. Create your path. Write it down, communicate to others. Embrace your journey, each and every day. Hold yourself accountable, basically. We as humans tend to underestimate the amount of time it takes to do something. A shortcut mindset thinks “I’ll work later, the offseason isn’t important.” A mindset like that only helps you fail. Stay disciplined and be willing to put the time in and pay your dues. There is no mistake in why the most succesful people don’t have much time on their hands, they’re busy putting in their time. They are where they are because of their work ethic and determination, their goals.

Watching the College World Series a few weeks ago, Vanderbilt was no surprise when they won it. A good team, yes. Their approach though, greatness. They carried a business type approach by players and coaches, they enjoyed each other and the success they had. They all tried to be the best teammate, they brought a professional approach to a college game. Lastly, they were determined and had unreal support from everyone on the team. That is what builds winners. Sports and in life.

Put in the work. You can love to play a sport, but if you don’t love diving in and working on your skills, you will plateau and hit your developmental ceiling. Great players love to play and embrace the hard work. You absolutely have to love to get better. Attitude, passion, smarts, and competitiveness. Those are the traits that seperate the game. My favorite part of those traits? None of them have anything to do with talent. They are all controllable. Those who carry these traits play above their ability, those who don’t are all they should be. Facts.

I want to walk out this week saying that no matter what you do, don’t let what others say determine what you think of yourself. If you are being slandered and stabbed in the back, things of that nature. Keep your head up and keep striving to be the best person you can be. Everybody makes mistakes, recognize them, own them, learn from them, and lastly flush them from your mind. Don’t hold onto the negativity. Let others have their own mental agenda on what they think of you, right or wrong. There is nothing you can do to control it. For anybody experiencing this, I wish nothing but the best for you. And for those that enjoy bringing others down, I will also pray for you that life gives you better opportunities to build yourselves up.