On June 18 a meeting was held at the Community Center about childcare in our community.

On June 18 a meeting was held at the Community Center about childcare in our community. It was a well attended meeting and helped further our understanding of the daycare situation in Sleepy Eye. Prior to and at this meeting the questions needing clarity were laid out.

•Is there a need for and shortage of childcare in the community?

•If there is, what should be done about it?

•Does the City need to be involved in assisting or providing daycare?

It seemed some at the meeting wanted to make this a debate of home-based childcare versus center-based childcare. That was never our question. Our desire is only to assure adequate, quality childcare for those who need it.

Ten of the 14 providers present at the meeting stated that they were full. Discussions with parents and grandparents, before and after the meeting, often brought up the challenges associated with securing childcare.

There was a meeting with business and industry representatives on Tuesday, July 2, at noon at the Event Center to further advance childcare questions.

•Does your company see a need for additional childcare?

•If so, will you join with the City in assisting to provide childcare in the community?

At a special City Council meeting on Monday, June 24, the decision was made to go ahead with a land swap of 42.5 acres (owned by Schieffert Farms) for 70 acres of the City’s Snow farm property. This 42.5 acre parcel is the land involved in the 12th Avenue Railroad Crossing project, the holding pond needed for this development, and an Elm Street three and a half block extension.

This land swap will open the northeast section of the community to the east—a development that has certainly been needed.

The 70 acre parcel is land on the southern most extreme of the Snow farm property. After this swap, the City continues to retain about 150 acres of the farm, which was purchased for a little over $5,000 per acre.

The Home Cemetery Board has expressed interest in having the City annex the cemetery into the City. The Council will be studying that matter with the assistance of our City Attorney. This was brought about by the 12th Avenue Crossing project, as St. Mary’s Street (which is part of this project) will be widened along the cemetery.

The process of hiring a city manager continues to move forward. We are at the step of viewing taped interviews with candidates in the next days. The plan is to have a new city manager in place in early September. In the meantime, Interim Manager, Bob Elston, is doing a nice job.