We printed the Herald-Dispatch early this week. We didn’t want to make you wait until the day after the holiday to read all the news. That means the paper went to press early Tuesday morning — but we still say it is the Thursday, July 4, 2019 issue because . . . well, because we can only handle a little change. We are a Thursday paper and by golly, printing it a day early doesn’t change that. So there!

(We love a day off from work — who doesn’t? — but it really does mess with our schedule, and our minds. What day is this anyway?)

Printing early also means that this issue is missing the Tuesday news. There is a childcare meeting with business people that won’t make the paper until next week. And, the city council is selecting finalists for the city manager position late Tuesday afternoon. Read all about that next week.

I hope the weather cooperates for Sleepy Eye’s 4th of July celebration. It sounds like there might be scattered thunderstorms. I hope they scatter somewhere else. By a town that doesn’t have a celebration and fireworks show.

I remember a few years ago, it was kind of rainy in the evening on the 4th of July. Tom didn’t want to venture over to the lake to just maybe see fireworks. But I did. So I drove over and parked in St. Mary’s lot. It was just a bit drippy at the appointed time. And, boom! Never fear, the fireworks went off without a hitch. And, there were plenty of people who had hung around to watch the show.

Whatever your plans are for Thursday, I hope you enjoy some time off from the hustle of your normal day. I realize that the people who are making the celebration and fireworks show a reality for Sleepy Eye, do not get to have a day of relaxation. I think they enjoy what they do, but it is a lot of work just the same. Please thank them for providing our entertainment.

Thank you also to all who work on holidays, just like it is any other day: police officers, hospital employees, ambulance attendants, firefighters, and those who work at stores and gas stations to meet our needs.

Happy Fourth of July, Sleepy Eye!