This past weekend when we hosted the Jr. Upper Midwest Classic, I came across some rude behavior.

I love when Sleepy Eye hosts tournaments. I love attending tournaments outside of towns. Both as a coach, fan, and/or player. This weekend really irked me. Sleepy Eye was a pretty good host, we had our concessions stand covered, scoreboard, announcers, field work, etc. Field looked great, everyone was very helpful, but there were a few things I saw that I hope Sleepy Eye natives never do.

After our game against Maple Grove, the entire contingency of fans from Maple Grove decided instead of supporting us by buying from the concessions stands were extremely rude and pulled up a mini camper or ice house with a griller and a bunch of chairs. They decided to smack dab right in front of us cook their own food, serve their own drinks, and have their own little party right in front of the ballpark! I just think that was very distasteful and so rude. Usually when attending a tournament, you would like to thank and support the association or teams hosting you. Whatever sport it is, why would you be so rude in the efforts of bringing your own food like that? Makes me so upset, and it should make you upset to. Very disappointed in the people from Maple Grove. As president of the baseball association, I wanted to say something, but it wasn’t going to be worth it. What’s done is done, it was rude, end of that story.

Also, we had a woman from another city approach the concessions stand and point blank say “Oh, your menu isn’t as good as New Ulm’s?” While proceeding to give us a nasty look, as if we did something wrong. Sorry, we do not hold a frier in the concessions to serve cheese curds, chicken strips, etc. And no lady, we do not serve your german potato salad you were so craving on a 105 degree day. Running a tournament is extremely difficult, especially when you are short on volunteers. We would like to open up our selection, but with all the ball teams we have around here in the summer, it’s almost impossible, really. It takes a village to be successful with things like that.

At least the lady’s husband said the hamburgers looked pretty good, only for her to say “looks aren’t everything.” Just extremely rude. I had to walk out. Credit to my fellow concession stand workers that afternoon for keeping their cool and remaining classy.

Maybe if her son’s team had won a few more games, she wouldn’t have had to deal with our “poor” selection.

I hope as community members of Sleepy Eye, we never do this. Always be thankful and courteous of what ballparks offer and be respectful. Because clearly, outside of small town Sleepy Eye, that is frowned upon. For those of you that do, thank you and continue to do so.