Childcare in Sleepy Eye and death of a friend (two unrelated topics.)

You may notice that the issue of childcare in Sleepy Eye is starting to show up in the Herald-Dispatch quite frequently lately. EDA Coordinator Kurk Kramer writes about the EDA’s concerns and efforts in his monthly column. Last week we had an article about the meeting the city had with local childcare providers. There is another meeting coming up on Tuesday with community businesses.

It is an important topic for Sleepy Eye and one that we will continue to cover, with a series of periodic articles, examining childcare options in Sleepy Eye, unmet needs, regulations, city involvement, business involvement and what community members think about the issues. Today, we have a letter from an area child care provider. More community input is always welcome.

Like many other people in Sleepy Eye, I was saddened to hear of Clint Evans' death. But, like many others, I also know he was suffering and because of his faith, was ready to move on to eternal life.

The Evans family came to Sleepy Eye just a few months after I joined the staff of the Herald-Dispatch. Clint was my first “new pastor” interview and I enjoyed meeting him and Samantha and their girls. I also enjoyed observing his work in Sleepy Eye and his grace under difficult circumstances.

Clint and Sam had already made plans to leave Sleepy Eye this summer, as he had accepted a position at another church. Now their leaving is all the more poignant, as they leave behind friends who not only will miss them, but also mourn the loss of Clint as they share their loving comfort and support with Sam and the girls.

Sam has accepted a job at a Methodist church in Rochester. She and the girls will move there and learn how to live their new reality. Love and support from Sleepy Eye will surely help them on this journey we call life.