Anyone interested in seeing their alley paved, should contact me quickly to get the process started.

The 2020 Street and Utility project is scheduled to go to bid this winter and thus far design work is keeping up with that schedule. As we approach bid time, opportunities to make changes in the design become fewer. With that in mind, I would like to ask that anyone interested in seeing their alley paved, should contact me quickly to get the process started.

The way alley paving works in Sleepy Eye is that the property owner pays for the asphalt surface and the City pays for the subgrade work. If a person or persons would like their alley paved, they should contact City Hall for a petition to perform work. They would circulate the petition to property owners on their block to request their signature. Signing the petition says to the City Council, yes, I want my alley paved and yes, I am willing to pay for the cost of the asphalt. Once the petition is signed, it should be turned in at City Hall to be placed on the Council agenda. The Council will then approve the petition and order the work to be completed.

We do not “spot pave” and very seldom do we do less than a full block, unless special circumstances exist. This means the Council wants to see 100% participation on any particular block or they are unlikely to order the work be done.

How much does it cost to pave an alley, and more importantly, how much will it cost me? We won’t know the exact amount until we receive and award the bid for the project, but our current estimate is $20 per lineal foot per side for residential design, and $27 per foot per side for 9-ton design (thicker asphalt). Simply take the width of your lot times $20 or $27 to get an idea of what it would cost you. Most alleys are residential design, unless there is truck traffic frequently in the alley.

When the project is completed and all the assessments are calculated (around November 2021), a bill would be mailed to the property owner for the paving. The property owner can either pay the bill in full at that time, or have the cost spread out over 10 years on their property tax bill (there would be an interest charge if this method is used). Please be aware that having this placed on your property tax bill does NOT land your name in the paper under the delinquent tax notice. We typically see about one-third of the people pay it all at once, and about two-thirds place it on their taxes.

This very same approach can be used to replace sidewalk around your house if you are not included in the 2020 project. Simply fill out a form with us and we will add your sidewalk to the project. Likewise, you can pay for it all at once or spread it for 10 years.

If you have questions on paving an alley, replacing a sidewalk, or anything else about the 2020 street project, please let me know. We will be happy to walk you through it.