In efforts to get younger kids involved to not only attend, but watch local baseball games.

I want to reach out to all ballplayers this week, specifically young ballplayers. Get out and attend the ballgames we have in the area. We have a beautiful ballpark in Sleepy Eye and yet, attendance is still poor. I attend games at Stark and Leavenworth too and very rarely do I see a large amount of kids at these games. Parents, get these kids to these games. All the teams around this area need help chasing foul balls, and why not make a few bucks chasing them down, earning a quarter or more per foul ball returned.

It is disheartening to see so little fans at all of these games. You hear of stories back in the day when literally thousands of fans attended Tomahawk games. Now, I understand, things have changed. I get that. It is still disappointing. We are a proud baseball community, it is time to show it. Be active, get your kids to the games. Chase foul balls, watch and learn. Ask questions, improve your baseball IQ. Get outside and watch a baseball game.

In addition to getting out and attending a few games, I want to pass on some advice that some coaches have given me that they’ve used with their players in the past.

Time is the greatest teacher, far and away. And people learn from other people. Be willing to be different. The best players are the best for a reason. Sacrifice and success has a price tag, like everything in life. You pay for it in hard work. Another is to cherish each day for what it is. Every day is a gift, if you wasted the day, it is gone, done. Forever. A day you don’t get better is a day someone else is getting better than you are and working harder.

Think of the process. It should never be about how you feel, get done what needs to be done. Do it the right way. Even if you don’t “feel” like it. Be even mannered. Don’t let the emotion get the best of you. Save it for when you need it. It is important not to live and die with every game. Do not base your perspective of yourself off of one game. Think long term, big picture.

Lastly, how you do one thing, is how you do everything. Do not ever cheat yourself in anything you do.